Flowers for my grandmother!



Flower of Life


The Flower of Life is the most significant of all the symbols in Sacred Geometry. Sacred Geometry is a universal language which allows us to access ancient knowledge contained in our cellular memory. It is the key to understanding the nature and value of color, sound, light, love, creation…
The Flower of Life is the pathway of creation in the void, or the creation of something from nothing. It is also the pathway of creation of form; of density; life. It is also the pathway back to Oneness; the pathway home, to source, Ascension/Inscension.

Dim.: 40×40 cm / 16×16 inch
Status: FOR SALE

Red blooded poppies


Poppies represent the loyalty and faith between lovers. According to Chinese legend, a beautiful and courageous woman, Lady Yee, was married to Hsiang Yu, a warrior with Herculean strength. When Hsiang led his troops into battle, Lady Yee chose to follow him and stood by his side in every battle.
During a long and arduous war, Hsiang’s army was surrounded and defeat is imminent. Lady Yee tried to boost his spirits by dancing with his sword. The petals of the poppy flower reflect her spirit as she dances in the wind with the sword. When this attempt failed, Lady Yee committed suicide. A cluster of poppies sprang in full bloom from her grave site.

Work still in progress…

Dim.:30×40 cm / 12×16 inch
Status: SOLD

Singing owl

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Owls exhibit specialized hearing functions and ear shapes that also aid in hunting.With ears set at different places on its skull, an owl is able to determine the direction from which the sound is coming by the minute difference in time that it takes for the sound waves to penetrate the left and right ears.The owl turns its head until the sound reaches both ears at the same time, at which point it is directly facing the source of the sound.

Dim.: 50×40 cm / 20×16 inch
Status: SOLD